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Over the past few years I’ve been studying Wolf and Dog behaviour under Shaun and Kim Ellis…. More

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Special Cases Where The Dog Needs To Stay At The Rehabilitation Clinic.


What Exactly Does A Home Consultation Entail?

When I arrive at your home I assess your dogs behaviour, while bonding with your dogs I try to gain your dogs trust, this isn’t always possible depending on what social characters your dogs are.

Using a series of questions and interacting with your dogs I will assess and inform you of what social character your dogs are.

I show you calming signals that your dogs can understand and explain to you how your dogs already knows these signals from birth. Then if your dog is ready, we take him/ her for a walk outside.

Firstly I show you the discipline walk and the undisciplined walk, which eliminates pulling on the lead and then I give you personal tution so you can do it yourself.

By using these techniques it can change the dog walking experience from negative to positive as many of my customers have mentioned in their reviews.

I change your dogs behaviour in front of you so you can see that its possible and leave you with a personalised strategy to go forward with.

All customers recieve my aftercare, where you can contact me for anymore help or advice. Many customers update me on their progress.


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Why ME?


Great Lineage Of Dog Training Expertise!

Andrew Treserden Studied Dog Behavior With Glen Stanford ‘The UK Dog Whisperer’ And Currently Studying Wolf and Dog Behavior to become a licenced instructor under Shaun Ellis aka ‘The Wolf Man’ and his wife Kim Ellis.







Customers Reviews

Andrew worked with our Rodney on behaviour and walking. He taught us how to set Boundaries and to calm him down. Within an hour he had taught Rodney how to walk on his lead. Thanks to Andrew we now have the tools to enjoy our walks in the woods. Thank you Andrew.

“Andrew worked with my two dogs Bella and Floyd. We saw improvements instantly with both our dogs. He showed us ways to disagree with unwanted behaviour in a calm way and consistent way. The calming signals and other tools he has given us are really going to help moving forward. I was really impressed with Andrew’s aftercare service and was reassured that we could call or text anytime.”

Thank you so much Andrew Treserden, your visit was so interesting! We’ve learned how to read Jack’s body language and how to reassure and calm him when needed. 
Amazing how even the most subtle of movements are read by our dogs. And you were spot on about the collective yawn when we’re all on the sofa and resting with Jack… so funny to see him yawn too – bit like a Mexican wave (but a yawn!!)
Thanks 🙂

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